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Guidance for Tutors: Preparing Learning Packages

The majority of this document provides guidance for tutors in preparing material which learners will be accessing online. The guidance is designed to help tutors adapt existing material or prepare new material which will be accessible and attractive for learners studying alone or with no direct access to the author of the learning material. The guidance has been tested with authors preparing learning packages as part of the ORBEE project. Our findings have been that the most important aspect of making the materials accessible to the learner studying on line is to ensure they are aware of the structure and coherence of what they are studying.


Guidance for Learners: Using ORBEE Learning Packages

The learning packages on this website are designed for learners to use for independent study or reference. The packages cover a wide variety of subjects and approaches with some packages appropriate for learners who are new to study at Higher Education level and some aimed at experienced learners. The following guide is designed to help you select appropriate packages depending on your intended purpose for learning and your personal study choices and get the most out of using them.

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