Collaboration: Contractor Contributions to Design Team Activities

Category: Core Module: Design Management
This learning package explores the ranges of contributions that contractors, builders and the trade can make to pre-construction design stages of projects in the built environment.

It has been recognised for many years that the separation of definition and design on one hand with delivery and commissioning on the other hand has led to difficulties and inefficiencies. Improvements have been achieved such as the effects of Latham, Egan, integrated academic courses, package forms of contract, etc. However, there still remain opportunities for greater co-operation and support – especially at project level.

Both modules may be of interest to “contractors” who wish to get closer to the design process and make meaningful contributions. Both modules may also be of interest to “designers” who wish contractors could be closer and make meaningful contributions. There will also be third parties – such as clients and project managers – who would like to realise the potential benefits of such collaboration.

Circumstances might include two stage tendering, design and build, PFI / PPP situations, joint ventures, as well as aspects of traditional contracting.

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