Open Resources in Built Environment Education (ORBEE)

Open Resources in Built Environment Education (ORBEE) plans to repurpose teaching and learning materials; making them freely available online under an intellectual property licence.  This permits their free use especially to address sector needs on ‘work place, work related or distance learning’.  Consequently, by harnessing the knowledge capital of HEI-Industry engagement, a range of relevant re-calibrated open educational resources are to be provided.

Core, Specialised and Future Skills CategoriesORBEE will focus on upskilling the workforce by sharing learning materials on core, specialised and future skills areas:

Core: These provide the foundation and part of the curricula expected by relevant professional bodies for a competent Built Environment professional.

Specialised: These are classified as underrepresented within the discipline and are areas of potential growth.

Future Skills: These areas are designed to stretch the minds of our learners so that they can shape the future through being exposed to cutting edge exemplars.


The aim of this project is to encourage and enable the universal sharing of built environment educational resources that allows learners to study in an interesting and challenging way that best suits them.  Key outcomes include:

  • Analysing, repurposing and creating selected materials for open access - To evaluate, extend and establish a range of existing and tailored learning materials in built environment education for wider consumption via open VLE.
  • Encouraging and embedding positive ORBEE culture - To investigate attitudes of learners and academics to promote sharing and searching for open resources in built environment education to build evidence based approaches.

Learning Design

Learning package design

General Princples

  • Content should be broken down into 5 Credit (or 50 notional learning hours) learning packages.
  • This allows created materials to be easily repurposed so that the content can be clearly defined and understood (by both academics and learners).
  • Each learning package is based on the principle of ‘tell me about it’, ‘show me how it works’ and ‘let me have a go’

ORBEE Funded By

The Higher Education Academy and JISC are working in partnership to develop the HEFCE-funded Open Educational Resources (OER) programme, supporting UK higher education institutions in sharing their teaching and learning resources freely online across the world.

ORBEE Evaluation

The ORBEE Final Report has been produced for the Higher Education Academy and JISC. This report details the aims and objectives of the project as well as the outputs, deliverables and future sustainability.

To review ORBEE's Evaluation reports please Click here for a detailed list.

ORBEE Documentation

ORBEE has produce a collection of documents to promte OER and support the Built Environment community.

Please Click Here for a comprehensive breakdown of project outputs.

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